Caotina, la crème du chocolat


Bern-based Caotina launches a spread for bread: Caotina Crème Chocolat! It contains cocoa powder, hazelnuts and vegetable oils, including oil certified RSPO – because Caotina is a Swiss company founded 55 years ago, concerned about protecting the environment.

27 octobre 2018

Les restaurants durables sont Ecocook


Canton de Vaud start-up Biolia offers restaurants its help to limit waste, through its Ecocook certification. Hotel Management School of Geneva’s restaurant Vieux-Bois is the first in Switzerland to have reached level 3 (out of 4).

3 juin 2018

Le pain d’or 2018, c’est Oberson


Boulangerie Oberson in Vernier received the « Bread of Gold 2018 » award from Association des boulangers-confiseurs du Canton de Genève, part of Chevaliers du bon pain of Latin Switzerland. Stéphane Oberson is a « Knight of good bread » since 2012 and was previously acclaimed as second best baker in 2015.

27 avril 2018