Le pain d’or 2018, c’est Oberson


Boulangerie Oberson in Vernier received the « Bread of Gold 2018 » award from Association des boulangers-confiseurs du Canton de Genève, part of Chevaliers du bon pain of Latin Switzerland. Stéphane Oberson is a « Knight of good bread » since 2012 and was previously acclaimed as second best baker in 2015.

27 avril 2018

La Patrouille des glaciers, croquée par Derib


An Italian trio in the men’s race and a Franco-Swiss trio in the women’s race won the mythical La Patrouille des glaciers race from April 17 to 21, 2018. The Swiss illustrator Derib has published a comic strip on this subject, which he will present at the Geneva Book Fair until 29 April at Palexpo.

23 avril 2018

Alice Rivaz, écrivaine de caractère


The Geneva Book Fair opens its doors on 25 April 2018, twenty years after the death of the writer Alice Rivaz, or Alice Golay from Canton de Vaud. Her committed literary style, a forerunner of feminism, has left its mark in Switzerland and throughout the French-speaking world.

19 avril 2018

La Torche Genève, app satirique de proximité


Cartoons about politics and life in Canton de Jura sent through a mobile phone app, this is what La Torche 2.0 project is about. Genevan people could also get three cartoons a week if la Torche Genève raises the attention of 500 of them. A contest is currently running… The media will be independent and free for a couple of weeks and then only 60 francs a year.

5 avril 2018