Le Web du CERN a 30 ans


Alors que le CERN « enquête » sur le Big Bang, l’organisation est co-responsable du plus grand bouleversement civilisationnel depuis la 3e révolution industrielle des années 1970. En 1989, Tim Berners-Lee a révolutionné la planète. Et comme des vacances à la mer, je garde un souvenir ému de mes premiers pas sur la Toile.

12 mars 2019

Caotina, la crème du chocolat


Bern-based Caotina launches a spread for bread: Caotina Crème Chocolat! It contains cocoa powder, hazelnuts and vegetable oils, including oil certified RSPO – because Caotina is a Swiss company founded 55 years ago, concerned about protecting the environment.

27 octobre 2018

Le CERN étudie la physique des particules


The European Organization for Nuclear Research, « le CERN », was founded in 1954. Since then, it frequently causes particle collisions in a 27-kilometer tunnel near Geneva. One of its researcher, an Englishman called Tim Berners-Lee, invented the World Wide Web in 1989.

31 juillet 2018

La fin selon Zep, au son des Doors

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Zep is Genevan artist Philippe Chappuis’ name. It is a tribute to his favourite rock band, Led Zeppelin. Famous for his 8-year old character « Titeuf », Zep also likes to draw grown-up topics. Recently, he published « The End » (éditions Rue de Sèvres), a story about some kind of ecological apocalypse !

26 juin 2018

Les restaurants durables sont Ecocook


Canton de Vaud start-up Biolia offers restaurants its help to limit waste, through its Ecocook certification. Hotel Management School of Geneva’s restaurant Vieux-Bois is the first in Switzerland to have reached level 3 (out of 4).

3 juin 2018

Exposition Hodler au Musée Rath

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World-famous Bernese painter Ferdinand Hodler died in Geneva a hundred years ago. The City Museums pay tribute to him. Until August 19th, 100 paintings are presented in the Musée Rath : self-portraits, landscapes and characters, which all attest the timelessness of Hodler’s work.

12 mai 2018

Tennis champagne aux Eaux-Vives


The fourth edition of Banque Eric Sturdza Geneva Open will occur from 19 to 26 May 2018 at Tennis club de Genève Eaux-Vives. Swiss player Stan Wawrinka won the previous two editions, but his fans will miss him this year.

3 mai 2018

La Patrouille des glaciers, croquée par Derib


An Italian trio in the men’s race and a Franco-Swiss trio in the women’s race won the mythical La Patrouille des glaciers race from April 17 to 21, 2018. The Swiss illustrator Derib has published a comic strip on this subject, which he will present at the Geneva Book Fair until 29 April at Palexpo.

23 avril 2018

Alice Rivaz, écrivaine de caractère


The Geneva Book Fair opens its doors on 25 April 2018, twenty years after the death of the writer Alice Rivaz, or Alice Golay from Canton de Vaud. Her committed literary style, a forerunner of feminism, has left its mark in Switzerland and throughout the French-speaking world.

19 avril 2018