Cartooniste de presse turc récompensé


On May 3rd 2018, Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart won the 2018 International Press Cartoon Prize, awarded every two years by the the Swiss Foundation Cartooning for Peace and the City of Geneva. You can see a selection of his drawings as well as the work of 24 other press cartoonists until June 3rd 2018, on Quai Wilson, right bank.

4 mai 2018

La Torche Genève, app satirique de proximité


Cartoons about politics and life in Canton de Jura sent through a mobile phone app, this is what La Torche 2.0 project is about. Genevan people could also get three cartoons a week if la Torche Genève raises the attention of 500 of them. A contest is currently running… The media will be independent and free for a couple of weeks and then only 60 francs a year.

5 avril 2018

Élections des représentants du peuple


Swiss people will vote to renew the Parlement of their Canton, le Grand Conseil, on April 15th and, the same day, the ministers of the its government, le Conseil d’État. The next round will occur on May 5th. Who will take over actual president François Longchamp ?

23 mars 2018

Thomas Wiesel, une langue de sniper


Thomas Wiesel is a stand-up comedian from canton de Vaud. After appearing on French and Swiss media, he just started his own TV-show on Swiss public channel RTS : Mauvaise langue (spiteful tongue). The boy loves to make fun of politics and clearly is the flagship of Swiss humour new generation.

27 février 2018